×Pachyveria ‘Yvonne Cristata’ is smaller but more interesting than the normal ×Pachyveria ‘Yvonne’

Scientific Name

×Pachyveria ‘Yvonne Cristata’

Accepted Scientific Name

×Pachyveria ‘Yvonne’

Scientific Classification

Family: Crassulaceae
Subfamily: Sempervivoideae
Tribe: Sedeae
Nothogenus: ×Pachyveria


×Pachyveria ‘Yvonne Cristata’ is a form of ×Pachyveria ‘Yvonne’ selected for selected for its mutated growth.


×Pachyveria ‘Yvonne Cristata’ is a fascinating succulent with flattened stems and pointed bluish-green leaves faceted with lines that show through the waxy covering. The leaves are shorter and narrower than those of the typical form. They take on a beautiful purple hue when exposed to full sun. Each specimen has a unique shape, making this plant even more fascinating.

Pachyveria 'Yvonne Cristata'
Private collection, Manila, Philippines. Photo by Argie Salango. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

How to Grow and Care for ×Pachyveria ‘Yvonne Cristata’

Light: ×Pachyveria ‘Yvonne Cristata’ requires full sun to partial shade for optimal growth. Therefore, place it near the brightest window in your home. In addition, if you plan to move the plant outside in spring, do it gradually and avoid exposure to intense afternoon sun.

Soil: Having soil that drains quickly is most important for growing a healthy succulent. While many growers prefer to create their own soil mix, commercial soil for succulents will work fine.

Temperature: High temperatures are not a problem as long as there is plenty of fresh air, but ×Pachyveria ‘Yvonne Cristata’ is a tender succulent and must be brought indoors if there is a risk of freezing temperatures. It grows best in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 10a to 11b, with average minimum winter temperatures ranging from 30 to 50 °F (-1.1 to 10 °C).

Watering: During the growing season, the «soak and dry» method is the preferred schedule for this plant. Water deeply and then let the soil completely dry out before watering again. Water sparingly during the winter, only enough to keep the plant from shriveling. Above all, if you have a saucer under the pot, do not forget to empty the excess water.

Fertilizing: Although it can grow well without fertilizer, ×Pachyveria ‘Yvonne Cristata’ may benefit from extra nutrients. Feed only during the growing season and use a water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half the recommended strength.

Repotting: If growing this plant in a container, repot as needed in spring or early summer, but ensure the soil is dry before you start. Also, always use a container with drainage holes.

Propagation: ×Pachyveria ‘Yvonne Cristata’ is easily propagated by stem cuttings, leaves, and offsets. Therefore, spring is the best time to take cuttings or separate offsets.

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Toxicity of ×Pachyveria ‘Yvonne Cristata’

×Pachyveria ‘Yvonne Cristata’ has no toxic effects reported. However, although it is safe for growing around children and pets, it is not advisable to eat it.


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